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The Library
Along with the museum, there is also a library and video library at Villa dei Cedri. It collects books and archive materials on art from the 19th century to the present day and focuses in particular on the Ticino and Lombardy areas, while also embracing an international focus on contemporary art. In addition, the library aims to gather useful materials for research into the artistic environment and activities in the region. The collection also documents all the exhibitions and artists exhibited at Villa dei Cedri since its opening in 1985.

The library's holdings cover every discipline related to modern and contemporary art and range

from museums to auctions, from the history of art in general to more specific fields such as graphic design and photography.


The library currently counts:

- about 7,000 catalogued volumes, including numerous monographs on artists;

- a collection of about 2000 titles that are currently being catalogued;

- about forty reviews in French, Italian or German;

- approximately 200 archive files on modern and contemporary Swiss and international artists.


The library catalogue of the Villa dei Cedri Museum can be consulted via the Sistema bibliotecario ticinese (Sbt): https://www.sbt.ti.ch/sbt/.

The Children’s library
The Villa dei Cedri children's library, founded in 1995, plays an important role in the region: It is the only library specifically dedicated to art books for young people. In a relaxed atmosphere, children and teenagers have access to approximately 600 volumes in total. They are divided into age categories and contain stories and historical accounts. They can also be consulted by parents, teachers, event organizers and other adults, who will find lots of didactic and educational ideas regarding pictures and art.

Advice and information

The library is a reference library, which is accessible during business hours and only by appointment. You can borrow the books from the Bellinzona Cantonal Library.

Contacts : +41 (0)58 203 17 30 or museo@villacedri.ch