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Special editions


Presentation of the project
On the occasion of the exhibition "Memory of the Sublime. Landscape in the 21st century" (23 March - 4 August 2019), the Museo Villa dei Cedri Bellinzona, together with the publisher Nicolas Wagnières, produced a special edition of the artist Didier Rittener: "La Chute des Colibris".

The interesting project is the result of research into the notion of falling. When asked about the theme, the artist draws on two precise images to create his work. In the background, he took a photograph of a wooded landscape taken in a specific place in the Chervettaz area (Canton Vaud), near his home. The reason for this choice was an event that took place in 1904, when a meteorite fell there, spotted by the forest ranger of the time. The second source of inspiration for the artist was an old Larousse engraving from 1950 depicting hummingbirds.

Stimulated by these two images, Didier Rittener created a single pencil drawing on tissue paper and in four reproductions, thus adding four new copies, in A4 format, to his series "Libre de droits" (begun in 2001 with the aim of building a personal archive that derives from his observation of the world). In the drawing, the hummingbirds have been positioned in various directions, thus giving the observer the impression of falling rather than flying; hence the title of the work. With "La Chute des Colibris", the artist not only refers to the earthly attraction for representations of unidentified celestial objects, but associates the work with a recurring historical theme in the history of art and man: the Apocalypse.

From drawing to silkscreen printing
The artist also thematizes the procedure of production of a print, passing on each drawing a hand of different color, following the ordinary four colors used for printing (CMYK: cyan, magenta, yellow and black). The final work involves the superimposition of the four drawings in a single silkscreen, made on paper dorée 200.

The artist

Didier Rittener, born in Lausanne in 1969, is a painter, sculptor and draughtsman, as well as a founding member of the contemporary art association "Circuit" based in the artist's hometown. He has also won several awards, including the Manor Vaud Award in 2005 and the Drawing Now Award, Paris, in 2013.

His works can be found in important Swiss collections such as the Musée d'art et d'histoire, Cabinet d'arts graphiques, Geneva, the Graphische Sammlung ETH, Zurich, or the Kunsthaus Aarau, the FRAC Alsace Sélestat and in the private collections of the bank Julius Bär or the Swiss Credit, as well as the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise.

Technical information

Didier Rittener (Lausanne, *1969)

La Chute des Colibris, 2019

four-colour silkscreen printing

on paper dorée 200, 131 x 92,5 cm

27 Numbered, dated and signed copies

3  artist's proofs

4 Out-of-commerce proofs

Printer: Nicolas Wagnières, Geneva, 2019

Co-edition Museo Villa dei Cedri, Bellinzona and Editions Nicolas Wagnières, Geneva


CHF 850.00 

CHF 1550.00 framed

CHF 1560.00 framed with museums glas (protects from UV and reflection)